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What do we do?
We're a teaching family, with school & learning in our bones.  With a primary Head, a SENDCo, a specialist Music teacher & specialist IT Teacher among us, when we all get together it's more than a bit tricky not to talk 'shop' but we do our best.
The IT specialist of the clan went on from teaching to be the founder of 'Blippit'. As part of Blippit, he created the concept of Blippit Boards, many years after an incident when, as an NQT he cleanly stapled the side of his tight hand with an open jawed Bambi stapler while putting up a display in a rush. Over the next 25 years he went on to work in local authority school improvement technology leadership role & later the Blippit technology company founder role to visit hundreds of schools.  It was here that the value, ideas, messages and pure effort of display really became clear and planted the seed for Blippit Boards.

Sadly, displays rapidly become wallpaper and can struggle to keep up with the pace of learning in school.  They become the walls.

So, why not aspire to give everyone fresh eyes and at the same time help subject leaders in their role?  This question has resulted in the Blippit Boards DashBoard and app.  It also result in a whole range of high traffic board designs for schools who need display areas that are resilient and flexible as well as being useful all year, both in & outdoors. Now with outdoor spaces being so important, we're really excited that the frameless finished boards with 5 Year finish can actually live outdoors too!

We sincerely hope you'll love the breath of fresh air that our software and boards bring to your walls.

Blippit Boards

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