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School in the Fast Lane?

School in the Fast Lane?

  • January 12, 2021
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If you’ve got children and you see them every single day it’s not until somebody else who hasn’t seen them for a long time, like after this lock down,will see them one day and go “Crikey! haven’t they grown? Haven’t they changed?”

You don’t see it because you see them every single day but somebody else with a fresh pair of eyes does. So with displays in school, we want to do the same as we do with our children in some regards, which sounds a bit bonkers but if you want to see your children changing over time what do you do?

Well, you reach back and look at photographs and then you see how they looked like relative A, B or C. If you want to see how something has changed over time you go to photographs and so what we’ve done with our latest project, the Blippit Boards app is what we’ve given teachers and leaders as a tool that enables  them to step back from what’s on their walls that they see every single day. Then, capture it, tag it and then gain big picture subject level insights through the Blippit Boards dashboard where clever things happen and the questions you have can get answered at a strategic level.

You can listen to the 5 min podcast version of this article below: 


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