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Traditional Display Board Blues

Traditional Display Board Blues

  • March 20, 2020
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We don't think even an empty board should be an eye-sore and that's why Blippit Boards are designed to look good even if they're 'in between displays'!

Oh no!

Everyone, more or less, has a display board/stapler horror story that they've heard about and one of the reasons the board above looks so poor is the use of staples; you'll know the signs.

To save teachers and TAs time we opted to give our boards a gorgeously professional finish.  Not only that, we decided that this finish must be incredibly easy to wipe down, magnetic and be easy to keep clean from germs too.

To keep your walls looking good and in tune with school we have selected a wide range of the most popular school uniform colours and applied these to beautifully crisp pre-printed backgrounds.

You'll never need first aid on standby again either because we use magnetism not staples to hold stuff up.  Considering the effort that goes into a display or notice area it made sense to us that it practicality means speed and flexibility.

Lastly, an exciting way to make a board interactive is to allow people to annotate.  We premium dry wiped every square cm and even have you covered if permanent ink should get used by mistake.  

Blippit® Boards are doing display differently, so take a look around your school, pick a high traffic area & try out one of these next generation boards.  We think & hope you'll not look back!  Oh, nearly forgot!  If you're doing more outdoor teaching then you might like to know that our frameless 5yr finish can be fitted outdoors too!

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