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Fresh eyes on your school displays

Fresh eyes on your school displays

  • November 30, 2020
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We’re not talking about smart boards, IWB’s, TV signage or any other sort of tech. We are however talking about your everyday and much laboured over regular displays that teachers and teaching assistants create for all the reasons you know already. So what’s the problem?

For schools, particularly primary/elementary schools, right now the challenge of getting any strategic value from a display has never been greater for subject leaders monitoring the curriculum. Add in Covid ‘bubbles’ and it’s no surprise that many teachers feel like they’ve lost sight of what’s going on in other year groups.

We believe Blippit Boards wI’ll give you and your colleagues a totally fresh whole outlook. The school DashBoard and free app are built to transform your everyday curriculum displays into valuable visual and chart data collections.

Ask the hard questions. See the data in easy to read interactive chart form. Know what’s going on.  Register today!

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