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CONGRATULATIONS to our 3 Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 3 Winners!

  • June 26, 2020
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Last week we held our first-ever prize draw to win one of our beautiful Blippit Boards!  Out of 200 entries, we drew three Winners who have now been confirmed, chosen their personalised design and we are really excited because these boards are now in production!

Next week we are going to take some photos of the boards before they leave the workshop and share them here so that you can see what these lucky schools are going to be receiving before the end of term as a much-needed boost.

Our winners came from Durham, Blackburn, and Essex but more about them next week.  Thank you if you took part in the draw, whether it was on Instagram Twitter Facebook or the blog it really made a smile to get so many entries as we launch Blippit Boards in what has been a very eventful year for all the wrong reasons.

Will be doing another draw in the future?  YES OF COURSE WE WILL!

If you took part and didn't win then don't worry there's a special thank you over on our Facebook page :)

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